"... See I'm parked a stone-throw away from my office. Gives me enough distance to feed their hungry eyes with my alluring walk.  I'm clad in a figure flattering ivory white dress and red stilettos.  I am also wearing Chanel fragrance, which is mild but seductive. Men want me; women want to be me.  ... Continue Reading →

I mentioned grandpa on the very first l article I posted here. He was among the key people to inspire my interests in nature conservation.  He was once a park ranger but ended up tending to tree nurseries after retirement.   It was impossible to maintain a frown around him.  When we were very young,  he... Continue Reading →

She stretches her legs and by this time, the cameras are applauding her poses.  Like a Victoria's Secret model,  she graciously faces towards the sky,  shuts her eyes and then... Poops!  

Mpala Research Centre Highlights (II) 

It would be great to show you pictures of wildlife,but am sure that someone else has done that before .   Together with the peeps from Princeton University,  we have been working on really cool field projects.  One group has been working on Opuntia... and no,  that is not a person's name.  It is the scientific... Continue Reading →


"The king has married a witch!  He has been deceived by her witchcraft and cannot see her true form.  Her skin peels off like snake scales. Her breathe  reeks of rotting filth.  Have you seen the tusk-like teeth that  shoot out of her gaping hole of a mouth?" Mama Sunshine asks Mama Elena.  She picks... Continue Reading →

Slithery Confessions 

A very resourceful  friend,Vicki Wangui reminded me that today is World Wildlife Day.  Thanks Koi!  #ListenToTheYoungVoices #WorldWildlifeDay I have a confession...   My religion will not condone.  My friends will reject me.  Ruth will donate both her kidneys and her ears .  Serah Ann will slap her baby senseless!  My family will send away all our... Continue Reading →

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