The impossible assignment 

I believe that I’m a God-ordained scientist. As contradictory as the statement may sound, I’ll ask you to believe that I did not choose Science. It chose me. Like Jonah from the Bible, I tried to run. Severally. But forces brought me back to it. (If I accurately say they ‘vomited me back’, the forces... Continue Reading →


Mpala Research Centre Highlights (II) 

It would be great to show you pictures of wildlife,but am sure that someone else has done that before .   Together with the peeps from Princeton University,  we have been working on really cool field projects.  One group has been working on Opuntia... and no,  that is not a person's name.  It is the scientific... Continue Reading →


True love is a song we often sing. But that does not mean true love is not true. I believe that everyone gets that chance to experience it in their lifetime.   An artist sits on his stool and brushes gently… then faster on his canvas for hours. He pauses, looks at his work, smiles... Continue Reading →

A Stone Cutter’s Last Blow

Readers keep me on toes. They are difficult to impress. I obsess of how the next post could get better. I do not get discouraged or mad at friends that do not read, comment, like or share. Rather I quietly hope that I am just a terrible writer, and their silence is polite. I am... Continue Reading →

NAIrobbery: A Romantic Conman

He responds to her in low tones and she giggles shyly. The two strangers quickly acquaint and things start getting a bit too personal. The more they talk, the gentlemen gains confidence and the lady occasionally bursts out into laughter, even snorts...


  Jesus Christ! Mahatma Gandhi! Nelson Mandela! Queen Elizabeth! Martin Luther King Jr! Abraham Lincoln! Professor Wangari Maathai!Muhammad! Sir Isaac Newton! Albert Enstein! Pope Francis! Now, my beloved readers, I have not gone insane, neither have I smoked the kindukhulu (weed). These are the names of some of the people regarded as legends. Some are... Continue Reading →


“Hail Jail!”Says Chuma in the book Across the Bridge by Mwangi Gicheru; my personal favorite. “The house for all…” he continues, “the only house where a government minister and a pickpocket dine together and discuss matters on equal terms.” He expresses his love for jail as it is the only place where equality is exercised... Continue Reading →

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