#YouthInConservation: Welcoming Kenyan Youth to Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

“The youth are being taken for a ride. They are only invited for photo sessions, tree planting and collecting litter but never involved in the green economy.”


[Poetry] The Daisy on My Head

  We just don't read poems but instead, savour them slowly and then recite them to remember. Through poetry, we can experience the world in a different form. Meet Elizabeth Wairimu (Liz Mish), a close friend of mine. She introduced me to this new world of liberty and pure bliss. Through her poems, I've found... Continue Reading →

[Environment] Stop Giving False Hope; Give us one landfill!

We plant trees as ornaments to the the landscape; not because we are afraid that there’s no carbon being sequestered. As much as the Rhino is endangered, that is not why we want to conserve it. The attitude we want people to maintain is that, every living creature is important and needs to be conserved in its own right.

Cute Animals for National Stability?!

#Animal  #AnimalProtection  #AnimalRights #CutenessOverload  A few days ago, Gogo and her cat had a fight. So her cat, which she conveniently named “Boos” (instead of “puss”), came over to crush on our couch. I think Boos pooped somewhere she was not supposed to and she was threatened... and scolded.  The depressed cat curled up on... Continue Reading →


#WorldEnvironmentalDay  #IamYouthWithNature #ConnectingPeopleWithNature First day at home. My alarm goes off at 5:00A.M. With closed eyes I reach out for the buzzing phone under the pillow. I slide my fingers on the screen and turn it off...  Today, I’m not going anywhere.  I just need to be alerted that it is already morning. It is... Continue Reading →

I mentioned grandpa on the very first l article I posted here. He was among the key people to inspire my interests in nature conservation.  He was once a park ranger but ended up tending to tree nurseries after retirement.   It was impossible to maintain a frown around him.  When we were very young,  he... Continue Reading →

She stretches her legs and by this time, the cameras are applauding her poses.  Like a Victoria's Secret model,  she graciously faces towards the sky,  shuts her eyes and then... Poops!  

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