Broken Until Made II

Part 2. From the Editor to the Writer Dear Editor,   Have we overstepped our boundaries lately? Moved from a little pruning to clearing the whole bush?  There was a time I knew not fear. My pen had a mind of it's own.  When it sang,  we all danced. Beautiful music it indeed was.  ... Continue Reading →


Broken Until Made I

Part 1: I See You "This is not for everyone. Only for those who are broken. Just when you thought you'd become powder, a new way to make you finer was discovered.   Nobody realizes how brave you are, but I see you.  You've figured out how to propel through space, even without fuel. You still... Continue Reading →

This week, a few guys shared with me on why peace is important to them and how the current political situation in Kenya has affected them. Their answers were well thought-out, very distinct, with each one of them having a tasteful approach to peace. Enjoy!

God wrote her story (2)

A Bloody Affair! It was past 1.00 a.m. when Kadogo heard a light tap on the door. She had dozed off on the sofa while waiting for Gachanja to get home. Peering through the door crack, she saw a silhouette of a man whose crooked figure was similar to that of a sack of potatoes.... Continue Reading →


​Part 1: Falling In love  Since Kadogo was seventeen and a quarter years old, she literally counted each passing day, towards her 18th birthday. Every morning, she religiously stroke off a day from her calendar. The thought of freedom after high school got her through every slow day. Finally, the freedom she wanted, she got it.... Continue Reading →

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