God wrote her story (2)

@power_pusher: “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned “

A Bloody Affair!

It was past 1.00 a.m. when Kadogo heard a light tap on the door. She had dozed off on the sofa while waiting for Gachanja to get home. Peering through the door crack, she saw a silhouette of a man whose crooked figure was similar to that of a sack of potatoes. That bent posture was definitely Gachanja’s.  She opened the door to let him in. Gachanja smiled and handed to her a black polyethene bag. When she peeked, there was a big soda and her favorite pack of queen cakes. 

“See, he is a good man.” She told herself and smiled back. She did not marry him for the looks, but for his good heart and personality. 

“… but where had he gone to and why had he come back home at this hour?”  She wondered as he looked at him “Is it a coincidence that he is not wearing his watch today?”

Her mind flashed back to the call that she had received on the previous night.  She was haunted by the degrading insults that the angry woman had hauled at her.  

She held Gachanja’s hand and asked him,

“Dear, where is your watch?
Startled, he looked at his wrist and said,

“I must…eehmmm…must have forgotten it somewhere. I’ll get it back tomorrow.”

There was a hint of cheap alcohol in his breath. He had tried to mask it’s stench with breathe mints. Immediately, Kadogo felt wrath cut across her chest like a sharp pain.

As they prepared to go to bed, Kadogo told him,

“…  a woman called your phone six times today, when you went out to get cigarettes.” 


 “Anyway… you forgot your watch in her house. “ Kadogo continued 


Gachanja did not say anything. He ignored her and continued preparing for bed. Emotions got the better of her. The elephant in the room had become too big to be ignored. Her heart still defended Gachanja although her intuition knew better. All of a sudden, she exploded,

“… That woman disrespected me. Before hanging up she called me a whore and even said that you should never bring your feet near her home. Who the hell is she? If she is a customer, you need to take me to her and ask her to apologize…I am not a lose woman. You know it!” Kadogo asked as she raised her voice.

“Oh! I did not get the memo… ‘is it a ‘take-any-woman-to-work’ day? I’ll deal with this issue tomorrow… And I’m warning you for the last time. Keep your nose out of my business. Kadogo,keep your nose away from my phone… ” Gachanja replied sternly.  

“You did not tell me who she is! “ Kadogo yelled

 “Oh! So now I have to tell you everyone I know? Do you also need me to outline to you my plans for tomorrow too? Eh? Do I even have to ask you for permission before I go to the toilet?  Woman please, mind your own business…” He blurted back before getting into bed and turning to the wall. 

“Okay, let me mind my business! “ She said amidst sobs. 

As tears clouded her eyes, she began packing. Everything felt wrong at that moment.  It was too hot and  too cold at the same time. There wasn’t enough air around her and so her lungs occasionally gasped.

“Hey! It is almost 2.00 a.m.… where do you think you are going?” Gachanja called out from bed.

“How do you know the time? I thought you left your watch at another woman’s house… Anyway, that is no longer my business, okay? Goodbye Gachanja.” she replied. 

When Gachanja heard this words, he ran towards her and slapped her using the back of his hand; a slap that sent her sprawling into the kitchen. He then pulled her hair and threw her to the wall. His eyes were as red as beetroot. Kadogo was screaming and pleading,

“Please let me go!”

Without saying a word, Gachanja threw punches into her face. Kadogo fell onto the floor. Gachanja felt no pity on her; he had been possessed by anger. Writhing in pain and wailing, Kadogo spat blood.   Luckily, she spotted a knife on the kitchen floor and hid it under her dress. 

Gachanja picked her up by her collar. She weakly hang loose from his hands with her head leaning back. She begged him to let her go home but he just shook her violently without saying a word.

When Kadogo saw that begging was pointless, she placed the knife on his chest.

“Let me go, I don’t want this.”

 Her feeble hands firmly pressed the knife on his chest.

Gachanja laughed and muttered,

“Do it.”

Kadogo looked away. His alcohol breathe reeked of rotten eggs and sewer water. It immediately made her stomach ache and gave her nausea.

He suddenly pulled her body towards him and hugged her tightly… The knife sank into his chest. They both fell on the floor with a thud.

(To be continued…)


13 thoughts on “God wrote her story (2)

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  1. I have to say as a woman, our emotions are our downfall but we do handle a lot before that turning point.
    Waiting to read the continuation, I sence this is just the beginning for Kadogo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Stacy, thanks for your support. I totally agree with you… Women deal with a lot . And it can do two things to them :

      1. Turn them ‘bad’ … Riri-bad(see what I did there? 😉), Black-lipstick-bad…. Red-eyed-devil-tattoo bad! Dead-inside bad, good-girl-gone-bad bad…


      2 . Change them for good… Give them a good kick to the pants and set them straight…

      Your predictions are good… Feels like you are already praying for her… Lol… We will see!!! ❤❤


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