Part 1: Falling In love 
Since Kadogo was seventeen and a quarter years old, she literally counted each passing day, towards her 18th birthday. Every morning, she religiously stroke off a day from her calendar. The thought of freedom after high school got her through every slow day.

Finally, the freedom she wanted, she got it. After high school, her mother took less interest into her affairs and even entrusted her more with running their kiosk. She managed it during the day and left it for her mother from four p.m. She was clear that her working hours were strictly corporate, that is, from 9.00a.m. to 4.00p.m. 

It was during that time that she met her first love, Gachanja.


Young love. Nothing more wild and pure. Simply, to die for… and sometimes to kill for.

Things moved pretty fast for the young couple. From secretive and obscure meetings, to made-up church keshas that would cover up for the sleep-overs . A few months later, most of her belongings had been moved to Gachanja’s shack.

And so Kadogo became a good wife. She cooked on time and cleaned all his ragged clothes. She treated him with more respect than he deserved, for Gachanja was not offering her much. All they had was love. Rather, that was what Kadogo thought.

One evening, Kadogo had prepared rice, kienyeji greens and chicken gizzards for her man. Immediately he came off from work, Gachanja excused himself. He asked her to serve the food and charge his phone, as he rushed to get some cigarettes. 

 As requested, Kadogo served his food,  charged his phone, then sat down and waited. 

Few minutes later, as she waited, the phone rang. She ignored it. As time passed by, she began doze off but was startled by the phone that was incessantly ringing. It began to irritate her.  She looked at her watch and it was almost half an hour gone. The food was getting cold. Where the hell was Gachanja? The phone rang again. Kadogo thought it was an emergency.. probably something had happened to Gachanja. 

She picked up the phone.

 A woman’s voice came through. 

“Hello darling, you left your watch  at my house, do you want to come get it tomorrow or should I bring it to you ?”

“Gachanja is not around, who is this please? Is it his customer?” Kadogo asked

“… Where is he? And why are you picking up his phone? ” the angry woman asked

“Because you wouldn’t stop calling.. it is bothering me… Gachanja is out of the house at this moment. Please leave a message or call later.” Kadogo said, intending to bring this unedifying discussion to an end.

“ Oooh… Is that what he told you to say? That lying prick! Has he not stopped bringing whores to his house? Eh? And you are so arrogant, do you think you are the first one? Anyway, tell that ugly man to never contact me again… I don’t want to see his big ugly stinking feet walking towards my home again… we are through! …. Stupid!”

The angry woman hang up.

As she hang up,  a cloud of confusion engulfed her. Her heart defended him. There must have been a mistake. For Gachanja was loving and had never shown her contempt. However, in her mind, she thought of the despicable things that men are capable of, for even her own father had abandoned her.  Was Gachanja capable of doing this to her? 

(to be continued… )


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