The impossible assignment 

I believe that I’m a God-ordained scientist. As contradictory as the statement may sound, I’ll ask you to believe that I did not choose Science. It chose me. Like Jonah from the Bible, I tried to run. Severally. But forces brought me back to it. (If I accurately say they ‘vomited me back’, the forces might feel offended). 
I must be the one holding the cure of an evolved stage of a hilarious disease, like acute biscuit-poisoning or to a basorexia pandemic. However, this breakthrough is likely to be accidental. 

Miss Clumsy Pants over here will knock over some blood, fecal or tissue samples on the working bench and try to drain them back into the beakers because it will have taken money (paid through the nose) and three weeks in Mugabe’s territory to collect those. She will beg God to come through. And He will, as He wills. The bench will be having some unique germs in the right proportion that will die and secrete chemicals that will react with the reagents and voila…! Breakthrough. All the lab rats will be left alone and sent away to terrorize people’s kitchens and fill the earth with more rat babies. And we will go back to our homes with cleaner conscience, knowing that rats did not die in vain. 

That’s one way. Here is another. I’ll tweet something that will make all poachers repent. Because dumb things change the world, right?
Anyway science, math and me are like water, oil and plastics… We don’t mix very well. We are just in an abusive relationship that I don’t like talking about. 

And you can confirm by the things I write. Scientists do not write feelings. They neither speak nor write in English. Their language is called We-are-smarter-than-all-you-suckers-and-we-will-prove-it. I did not care to understand the language but forces have called me. I must obey. Only that I’ll do it in English.

We all know this; That if life was always as easy as following passion, some of us by now would be in France being fed grapes by handsome pandas and writing about it at the same time… in a song! 

It’s always easy for people to think of their purpose in line with their talents, abilities and passion. But to me, these are fuels that energize us towards accomplishing our tasks. They make our assignments bearable.

Our tasks are seldom easy. They are rarely what we want to do. However, they help us discover that we can do the “impossible” and that “impossible” is not a real word. They make our destinies more thrilling and less predictable.
Dr. Ben Carson’s poor background and terrible school performance in his early days did not hold him back from being one of the best pediatric neurosurgeons we know of today. He ended up saving lives and also inspiring millions across the world.

Somebody’s purpose can also be drawn out of his or her natural weaknesses. They could be stummerers like Moses but end up speaking up for all the proficiently speaking slaves in Egypt. They could have no limbs like Nick Vujicic, but end up travelling longer distances and giving hope to the ‘walking dead’. If I brought you closer home, they could have no sight like Henry Wanyoike but have vision that ventures beyond what most sighted runners have achieved. 

A close and personal friend of mine and author, Napoleon Hill, just kidding… but he authors one of the life-changing books ever written. He is one of my favorite people!  He talks of how his son beat dumb mutism, a disability he was born with. His son’s victory over natural limitations encouraged other people who were born deaf and mute that they can function normally in the society without having to go to special schools. 

There is a purpose that keeps each of us grounded. You are not always happy and bubbly when doing an assignment (and please, forgive the nerds); but by doing it, there’s inner peace because you are doing the right thing. By embracing our purpose and using our talents, abilities, passions and strengths… we find our happy, special place amongst the billions of places in this world … our niche. 


4 thoughts on “The impossible assignment 

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  1. Oh yeeaaaaaaasss!!!
    we got the ability to do the impossible!
    I am reading this and I am like: I GOTTA DO IT!

    I love this
    I’ma live it!


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