Mpala Research Centre Highlights (II) 

It would be great to show you pictures of wildlife,but am sure that someone else has done that before .  

Together with the peeps from Princeton University,  we have been working on really cool field projects.  One group has been working on Opuntia… and no,  that is not a person’s name.  It is the scientific name for the Prickly pear  cactus. The other team is working on termite mounds

Enjoy the pictures!

Meet Anchal…She is a friendly face that every body has just got to meet in Mpala. Everyone loves her.

Beautiful places to rest after a long day at the field… I always have shotgun for one of the beds upstairs
Okay, so this smart guy (I’ll tell you his name soon.. Coz I don’t remember it right now ). This is how he marks his beer, so that guys think it’s some weird specimen in the fridge.. Smart huh?
Meet Patel, from KBM… He is fixing the mist net. So about the mist net…. It is the safest way to capture birds. Birds are rarely injured. Ornithologists (Folk who study birds) are able to hold the bird and get the biometrics . When the net is properly set, you cannot see it  … That’s how birds fly into it and get trapped in the fine mesh.Long time ago,  rifles did the job…  So thank God for mist nets. 
It is not rare to find such sheets here. Shit sampling is actually a real job (That pays well)… Well, In case someone was wondering .

And that’s Marianna and Wangechi busy doing……. Shit! Lol… 

This one is simply appealing…
Joana says hi. She is one of the smartest people I have met. She was our plant person during the Opuntia project…
This is Yun-Yun… She is lovely!  Here she is making transects to check the percentage of grass cover at different points from the cactus
Here’s a perfect example where random pictures become the most amazing…
So his ancestors spent millions of years in primodial ooze and all he got was the lousy T-shirt… Lol! Prof.. Jesus saves!!
Best for last?  Meet John (Wangechi just photo-bombed this one) . John is amazing though… and he drove us safely to our destinations. Thanks John.

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