“The king has married a witch!  He has been deceived by her witchcraft and cannot see her true form. 

Her skin peels off like snake scales. Her breathe  reeks of rotting filth.  Have you seen the tusk-like teeth that  shoot out of her gaping hole of a mouth?” Mama Sunshine asks Mama Elena. 

She picks her jerry can and fetches water from the stream.  Mama Elena finds a smooth rock and sits on it. 

“How could  the King marry a witch? ” 

Mama Elena asks. 

” How did he not see the magic portions in her cabinet?  What about the evil long laughter when he almost lost his foot? How did he not enquire about her peculiar activities?  Why did she run while naked in the night? Is he deaf?  Does he not hear the chants she recites?”

Mama Sunshine shakes her head and starts laughing. She picks her jerry can (now filled with water) and moves to the rock where Mama Elena is sitting. 

“Enheeee…  Do you remember her long farts at the king’s banquet? The ones that made everyone cry?  ”

They both burst out laughing . 

“Oh,  but it is sad. The king must surely be bewitched.” Mama Edna  says as laughter is wiped off her face. “He did not even waver with emotion when the witch made an attempt on his son’s life.  He even kept quiet when the lovely queen , Mama Julieta, was thrown out of the palace and then banished  from our land. There is no one to help the poor and the widowed. ”

This remarks are followed by long silence and a short exchange of sad sighs. A Turaco is heard screaming from the edge of the forest, 

Waaaaaah…  Waaaaaah…  Waaaaaah. ”

Without a word,  the two women slowly arise,  place the jerry cans on their heads and walk towards their homes.  Each contemplating on the things they had been talking about . ”


There is an African adage that says,

 “You can take a cow to the river but you cannot force it to drink.” 

Kenya has amazing scientific papers on solid waste management.  However,  the situation becomes worse year after year.  We are like this king who had clear signs of the true identity of the witch queen but the knowledge did nothing for him.

A smoker will see a picture of cancerous lungs every time before opening a new pack of cigarettes. A battered wife sees a reflection of her distorted face on her cell phone, just before picking up a call from her abusive husband. 

We have knowledge as vast as the ocean waters.  If we could use what we have,  our lives would change for the better. 

A little knowledge that acts is infinitely worth more than much knowledge that is idle. ”

Kahlil Gibran


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