Mpala Research Center Highlights (I) 

Pictures speak a million words. Every visit at Mpala leaves me yearning for more. We are here for a short course on Savannah Ecology,  but the best part is that we get to travel around. Also here with us is Wangechi Kiongo,  who I’m pretty sure will be having more insights to share.

There are guys visiting  from Princeton University.  Its really been awesome working together. Here are a couple of cool random stuff that captured my heart, so far :

Probably one of the most interesting people I’ve met in my life.Her name is Stacey Agatha.  She is a nut-job! 
Creepy or cool? IDK.. But this one was hanging right over my bed and always gave me a bit of a wake-up startle every single day. Hope I can recover.
As long as you have food, you will never get lonely in Mpala, with this little guys around.They are known as  Superb sterlings. 
First day, out in the field, everyone listening keenly to the amazing and down-to-earth lecturer, Dr. Kimuyu
Here is something I wanted to borrow for a fashion statement, turns out it is used as a cheetah collar. Yikes! We don’t want someone knowing my every move now, do we?
I wonder what beats a dead rat for a Christmas gift… Science people are weird. This is in Dedan’s office. It needs to be framed, ASAP! This is just nuts😝.

There is more where that came from.  Hope you enjoyed this little different thing I did. Look out for more cool stuff coming soon! 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks family! ♥ ♥ ♥


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