Slithery Confessions 

A very resourceful  friend,Vicki Wangui reminded me that today is World Wildlife Day.  Thanks Koi

Source : NatureKenya_YC



I have a confession…  

My religion will not condone.  My friends will reject me.  Ruth will donate both her kidneys and her ears .  Serah Ann will slap her baby senseless!  My family will send away all our little kittens.  My ex will find closure! All kinds of terrible things are bound to happen…  But its okay.  It is what it is.  The world must know today.


The ones that were cursed by God for deceiving mankind.  The ones considered a bad omen in our cultures. Those ones associated with witchcraft!! 

Snakes give me the kind of chills that no one else has. 

Dr.  Ng’umbi Nickson recently shared an interesting video of A snake in the classroom in One Health’s Whatsapp Platform. The entertaining clip revealed a problem that many parts of the world face. That’s the problem of snake invasions into settlements. Due to human encroachment into wildlife habitats,  these species face the danger of persecution,every day.

But are snakes important to us? Is killing them a solution? Let’s explore together and I’ll let you decide. 

Snakes are an integral part of a healthy ecosystem.  They help to manage disease and pestilence since they feed on rats.  

Snake venom has also been discovered to make medicine that treats blood pressure and cancer.  

What I am about to say next is pretty messed up.  But snakes are a source of food; Both for humans and for animals. 

Read also: Snakes in a plate (By Cera Moon) 

 There are both natural and chemical methods to scare or repel snakes away from households without necessarily having to kill them. Plants such as West Indian Lemon grass,  Tulbaghia violacea and Wormwood  are just a few examples of natural alternatives.  

There’s no need to kill them. Furthermore,  we are the ones that have invaded their natural habitats and rendered  them homeless. 

On this special day,  I will take my hat off to honor every organization,  institution or individual that has been committed to the conservation of this amazing creatures. 



2 thoughts on “Slithery Confessions 

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  1. You are welcome on the reminding.

    I love snakes too. Infact. I can actually stare at a snake without feeling any ill vibe. Snakes are very pretty creatures indeed and what they do for our ecosystem is more than we may ask for.


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