THESE GARBAGE CRAVING AUDIENCES (Let’s get their heads out of the ‘gutters’)



Sometimes I get so pissed, that I want to spit…!


The dreadful Valentine’s season is almost over. Phew! During the Christmas season (on this article(How will you find love this Christmas?), we all agreed that love is more than a feeling. But you never listened to me. Because I am single. Anyway. Let’s talk about something else.


Recently I received a kick to the pants that got me dropping everything. And it took a meeting with a terrible TV personality in an exclusive event in Nairobi, to really think about what I am doing and why.

You know, there is never that guarantee that hard work pays, because these days smart work does. I would like to imagine that there’s a point in your life where you worked so hard, only for the results to be taken for granted. You spent sleepless nights, seemingly endless hours of hard labor, researching and sucking-up to morons for key information, skipped lunch and pissed off all your friends… until your work was completed. Charged with confidence, you handed over your work. People “in charge” gave your work one glance and were like,

“Eeeeh… good trial, not baaaad.”

And for days you were left bashing your head against your desk because you had expected that this work you had really invested in would please your superiors and perhaps bring forth your big break.

On a positive note, most of us have adapted to manage such disappointments. We share with loved ones or sometimes decide to silently immerse ourselves in a bucket of ice-cream. Whatever gets you moving on is fine in this context.

On an opposite day, in a scenario where you’ve just stopped trying, you decide to hurriedly scrap up something just for the sake of it. Just so that you don’t get fired or maybe so that you don’t forget again how to type. Within 5minutes, with a sandwich on one hand and a left eye watching Tom and Jerry cartoons somewhere in the peripheral view,  you are done…You don’t even check for grammar or spelling, because nobody reads anyway, so you just send it.. And voila! This piece of crap gets all the love. To them it is the Holy Grail they have been seeking. They say,

“This is gold, purely genius!”


Friends, honestly for me right now, left is right and right is centre or just north…? Am super-confused. My world has been drastically overhauled by similar current events.

And you know what? Sometimes I get so pissed that I could spit into someone’s coffee…! What do people want?

I recently heard Ameleena, the songstress previously from #TPF say in an interview on TV that when she began her career, she just wanted to write some feel-good music about sunshine and dance but her music teachers would insist that she needed to sing love songs for the watus… That is what sells. This is what guys in matatus want to be humming to all day. Watus do not need sophisticated music…

Sorry, let’s define the watus? This is the common mwananchi who has agreed to be called COMMON and will DIE if God-forbid they learnt something new or did something different.

Oh, and as if that ain’t sick enough, I have recently just learnt the power of PR. It is pathetic when the real heroes are left unsung, when hypocrites dominate the halls of fame. Why? Simply because having become accustomed to vanity, we have evaded what’s important. Also some career niches are not adequately represented.

So, this is the stuff we are seeing.

A gospel artiste will record trash, songs that would make Jesus blush in shame, and then later feed us excuses about how they are trying to reach out to youths in night clubs. Men of God filtering out the true messages and telling people what they want to hear. Why don’t you just speak the plain truth as it is? A real MOG will call you out on your wrong doing and let God do the rest. It is not always about prosperity and double portions, you know?

Politicians are feeding us filth… but that one we are used to.

Scientists have generally failed to work together across disciplines to solve problems; an ecologist will feel that guys dealing with Agricultural economics or engineering should mind their own problems. Whereas an integrated approach is always likely to provide solutions… so what we are having today is too much information and also this information often overlaps. Why?  Because among other reasons, individuals want to prove themselves and get recognition.

It’s crazy what people are willing to do for attention. Some even refuse to share information and claim they are doing science. What is the essence again if you won’t disseminate your findings? Why should like 20 people in the same local area study rhinos but not bother to consult each other?

It has ceased to be about accomplishing our purpose and owning our specific roles. We are now focusing on what gives us more hits on Instagram, more votes for different awards and more recognition by the majority. Don’t get me wrong, it is totally awesome to get awards, guys should get incentives for good work, BUT wouldn’t it be of more worth if you were applauded for something you really cared about? Some awards have changed people for the worse, but a few remain true to the course they are pursuing.

But this terrible person I met, heh! Lord have mercy…

They have a number of awards. However after talking to them, I realized that PR is just saitan and some of these awards are overrated. These personalities need to work on their social cues jameni.

In conclusion, “whatever makes you happy, makes me happy” is not something people actually feel. However if it is something you feel all the time, hunnie, you might need to talk to someone. You might have to wait for doctors to come back first, but… hey… look here… just hang in there, okay?

Our similarities are limited and sometimes merely coincidental. Our differences make us unique. Mine is a call for authenticity and objectivity in our day-to-day life. You do not need to please everybody. Things ought to change.


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