A Stone Cutter’s Last Blow


Readers keep me on toes. They are difficult to impress. I obsess of how the next post could get better. I do not get discouraged or mad at friends that do not read, comment, like or share. Rather I quietly hope that I am just a terrible writer, and their silence is polite. I am a delight, right? Therefore, I get back to the drawing board and assess what I am not doing well.

All the same I try to be content with the few likes that I get.  Sometimes when all this gets to me, I like to remind myself that in our country, there are so many people that die without access to clean drinking water. In that twisted way, I feel blessed.

If you have done sales before you may understand this.  First of all, wearing that extra large promotion t-shirt, a promotion cap (that hides your lovely hair), blue jeans and rubber shoes feels stupid. A tiny black dress, heels and a badge would sell anything… but let them have it their way.

You first rehearse the lines over and over in your head.

“Hello Sir. My name is  from Simu Telecommunications. May I interest you with our unbelievable offers? ”

“Hello Madam, You look lovely today. May I entice you with our generous prices?”

You apply a bit of lip balm. Take a deep breath. Throw in some peppermint flavored gum. Smack your lips. Mwah! Take a gulp of water. Try out some tongue- twisters,

“Red Lorry! Yellow Lorry!”

More lip balm. Check your teeth for a naughty peanut skin… run your tongue through your teeth just to be certain. Finally grin at your little mirror.

You are ready.

“Nobody will be able to ignore this face.” You tell yourself

To your utter shock, you learn that out of ten people, five will ignore you completely. 2 will respond but will not buy. However, 3 of them will stop, listen, consult and buy.

With time you expect less, get ignored anyway but in the process the three will cumulatively become six… then nine… twelve… to stupendous.

Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split into two, and I know that it is not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before

-Jacob A. Riis

Never Give Up.



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