Is Niching Important for Freelance Writers?

Should freelance writers accept all manner of projects or should they focus on their respective niches? To Niche, or not to Niche? It is always tough to choose between the money and the box. Weigh your choices right here.


#DemystifyingMinistry II- Why I Became a Minister and So Should You

The story of Jonah demonstrates the typical reaction of many people called into Ministry. But this is for the people who have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. Others start willingly but then once the storms come blowing in, they head for the hills! My story perfectly fits into both categories. People know me... Continue Reading →

I Found My Writing Voice after 3 Years

Yaaasss! Wisdom of Living is officially three years old! We have not yet legally attained the legal drinking age, so we are raising our milk bottles to all our loyal readers. Thank you! Thank you! And cheers to you lovelies. Let's talk about finding a writer's voice.

True story, I Almost Die out of Heartbreaks

Mark suddenly stopped calling just when I had become accustomed to his voice. He talked to everyone but me.  I should have let it breathe but instead, I got proactive. So I called him. After all, he had always called, so why not return the favour. At first, he sounded thrilled to hear my voice; but the more I called, the more distant he became.

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