Kenya’s Environmentalism has always favored the Moneyed- Can you afford it?

Kenya's Environmentalism has always favored the Moneyed- Can you afford it? The good thing about 2018 is that we have seen different laws and policies being implemented. I’m genuinely proud of stakeholders making the effort in conserving the environment and preserving wildlife. It is in good order to celebrate these achievements. Also as we applaud,... Continue Reading →


Not Every Book Works

Jessica had been preparing for her wedding night. Like every other bride, she was nervous and wanted the night to be memorable for herself and her husband-to-be. Well-meaning friends suggested certain books to help or enlighten on lovemaking.

This Adorable Puppy Survived 36 Hours in a Pit Latrine

Chicken- f*ckers still get three lashes of nyahunyo at the chief's camp or are told to sweep the compound at kambi. Punishment for animal cruelty is too lenient if not, perpetrators are just being plainly tolerated.

We do this, not knowing that encouraging these heinous acts also promotes violence against our own kind. Somebody who throws a puppy in a pit latrine or rapes a goat will not spare you or your child... or your sweet cookie-baking grandmother.  We all need to insist on serious jail-time alongside daily mental check-ups for these criminals. 

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