[Poetry] The Daisy on My Head

  We just don't read poems but instead, savour them slowly and then recite them to remember. Through poetry, we can experience the world in a different form. Meet Elizabeth Wairimu (Liz Mish), a close friend of mine. She introduced me to this new world of liberty and pure bliss. Through her poems, I've found... Continue Reading →


[Environment] Stop Giving False Hope; Give us one landfill!

We plant trees as ornaments to the the landscape; not because we are afraid that there’s no carbon being sequestered. As much as the Rhino is endangered, that is not why we want to conserve it. The attitude we want people to maintain is that, every living creature is important and needs to be conserved in its own right.

This week, a few guys shared with me on why peace is important to them and how the current political situation in Kenya has affected them. Their answers were well thought-out, very distinct, with each one of them having a tasteful approach to peace. Enjoy!

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